UnityVSA License Installation Guide

Obtain and activate the evaluation license for UnityVSA




Before you can obtain and activate a UnityVSA license, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Register to create an EMC account.
  2. Download the UnityVSA software.
  3. Install UnityVSA.
  4. Launch Unisphere. The Configuration Wizard runs when you log into Unisphere for the first time.




  • Note the UnityVSA System UUID provided on the License dialog in the Configuration Wizard.
  • Go to the Electronic License Management System (ELMS) download page at https://www.emc.com/auth/elmeval.htm.
  • Enter the UnityVSA System UUID, and select UnityVSA as the product type.
  • Click Submit to save the license to your local system. Note: An email confirming that you have successfully obtained the evaluation license is sent to the email address you provided when you registered.
  • Return to the License dialog in the Configuration Wizard, and click Install License File.
  • Locate the license file, select it, and click Upload to install and activate it.


Note: Do not repeat this procedure once you have saved the license and received the confirmation email. If you try to enter the UnityVSA System UUID again, you will receive a "Duplicate UUID" error message.