Support Video Playlist - VNX

Welcome to the VNX Video Playlist. Here you can find key technical and product demo videos available to you on the ECN and EMC Support's YouTube Playlist. Go here to see EMC Support YouTube videos on all EMC products, and see below for our latest videos for VNX.

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VNX Video - Upgrading the VNX Operating Environment

This demo provides an overview of how to upgrade the VNX operating environment of a VNX system using Unisphere Service Manager. The following steps are showcased-launching Unisphere service manager and logging into the VNX, then launching a wizard to download the VNX operating environment code for file block, then upgrading the VNX operating environment for file, followed by the VNX operating environment for block.

VNX Video: NFS

This demo provides an overview of NFS (Network File System). It shows the configuration and the benefits of deploying NFS on VNX. NFS is a stateless, file system protocol designed for Linux and UNIX systems to share files over the network.


VNX Video - VNX Snapshots Overview and Provisioning

In this VNX demo, we will discuss the new VNX Snapshots feature of VNX OE for Block release 5.32. VNX Snapshots is a pointer-based snapshot technology which provides point-in-time view/copies of production data. This demo will provide an overview of the feature and explain how to provision VNX Snapshots to a VM.

VNX Video - Unisphere Service Manager

In this video demo, we will show how to service your system using Unisphere Service Manager (USM) including running health checks, installing firmware, and installing I/O modules.


This demo provides an overview of CIFS (Common Internet File System) on VNX, configuration, and the benefits of deploying CIFS on VNX. CIFS is a file access protocol designed Microsoft windows distributed file sharing.

VNX Video: SnapView

This demo provides an overview of Snapview Snapshots and Snapview Clones and a feature comparison followed by a demo of Unisphere. Snapview is a block based local data protection technology for the VNX Systems. It is a completely storage system based product and does not utilize any host CPU cycles.

EMC VNX Replicator

This demo provides an overview of EMC VNX Replicator, its uses and benefits and how to set up replication via Unisphere. You will learn about replicating file systems, virtual data movers and one-time copies of file systems.

VNX Video: Virtual Data Mover(VDM) on the VNX

This demo provides an overview of the VNX VDM (Virtual Data Movers), configuration and the benefits. A VDM is an EMC VNX software feature that enables the grouping of file system and CIFS servers into virtual containers to improve security and simplify failover and mobility.

VNX Video: VNX Installation Assistant

This demo shows how to configure a factory installed VNX system using the VNX installation assistant. The VNX installation assistant or VIA is a single instance pre-configuration tool for freshly installed file and block or file only VNX systems.

VNX Video: VNX FAST Cache for Data Efficiency

This demo provides an overview of VNX Fast Cache, a Unisphere demo, Fast Cache test results and salient points about Fast Cache. Fast Cache enables users to use Flash drives installed in the storage system at the system level cache to improve performance for unpredictable workload spikes in real-time.

VNX Video: SnapSure

This demo shows how EMC VNX SnapSure (VNX file software) enables users to create and manage checkpoints. This demo provides an overview of the VNX SnapSure feature; what the SnapSure feature is, and why users' would use this feature. Next, there is a demo on how to use SnapSure from Unisphere.




VNX: How to restart VNX M&R Service

This Video Demonstrates how to stop, restart and check services for VNX M&R as this is a good troubleshooting step used by support.