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Note: This community will be retired in late-July 2019 and we will no longer maintain this page. To access latest information, please visit the Education Services website for current / archived articles.


Knowledge Sharing is a platform for certified professionals to share their expertise, unique deployments or best practices through a written or video submission. Submissions are reviewed in 2 phases; 1. submission of a short abstract which briefly outlines your intended topic, and the 2nd Article phase where  your topic knowledge is shared through video or a written paper. Submissions chosen for publication in our Knowledge Sharing Program Library reap the rewards and industry recognition that comes with being published. Submissions chosen as a finalist become eligible for a free pass to Dell EMC World and cash prizes.

  Proud winner of 2 industry Bronze Awards!


Training Magazine's eLearning Design Challenge; Social and Collaborative (2017)

Brandon Hall Group's HCM Excellence Awards; Excellence in Learning (2017)

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