Services Partner Highlights- Q1 2016

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The Services Partner Highlights is a quarterly summary of the information and changes you need to know! Released in the second month of every quarter, this update is designed to make your partnership even easier! As always, the Services Partner Helpdesk is there for you if you have any questions.

The Global Services Catalogue is Here!
This interactive guide makes it easier than ever to sell services! This extremely easy to use catalogue is designed for mobility and works on tablets, phones, and laptops. We’ve consolidated the necessary services information to help you position and sell the right services with customer use cases, ordering and enablement information, and more. Download the Global Services Catalogue now!



Partnering With Global Services in 2016

Some exciting changes have been made to the Services component of the Business Partner Program. Grow your business through higher profitability and simplicity with the updates below:


  • Streamlined Support Program: It’s now even easier to do business with EMC! Support Partners that meet resource requirements will be able to obtain higher profitability with preferential support pricing.

  • Deployment Letters & Partner Finder: To make our relationship easier EMC has discontinued Deployment Letters. We’ve improved Partner Finder to show you and your customers a high level status of your Services capabilities.

  • Partner Service Quality Awards: Partner Service Quality Program has been updated with even greater better benefits, including the ability to address customer feedback directly! You can find all the details here.