Support Video Playlist - ViPR

Welcome to the VIPR Video Playlist. Here you can find key technical and product demo videos available to you on the ECN and EMC Support's YouTube Playlist. Go here to see EMC Support YouTube videos on all EMC products, and see below for our latest videos for VIPR. vipr logo.PNG.pngHave an idea for a new VIPR video? Post your comments below and let us know your suggestions!



ViPR SRM License Key Installation via User Interface Tutorial

This video tutorial includes step-by-step instruction regarding ViPR SRM License Key Installation via User Interface.


Installing ViPR

Deploy a stand-alone ViPR VM. Change default passwords. Set up the licensing and initial configurations so that you can start using ViPR.




EMC ViPR Demo: Storage Automation and Provisioning

This demo reviews how ViPR abstracts, pools, and automates heterogeneous storage. It also covers the ViPR self-service portal and how storage consumers can request storage that supports their application needs.





ViPR How-to Video: Creating Virtual Storage Arrays and Virtual Storage Pools

This ViPR 2.0 demonstration covers how ViPR admins can abstract and pool storage into VSAs and VSPs to enable storage-as-a-service.



EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage

The future is here. And the impact of a virtual on demand world, where users expect instant access to data and applications, is forcing IT to rethink storage.





How To Configure ESRS Within VIPR SRM

This video demonstrates how to configure VIPR Storage Resource Manager (SRM) with EMC Secure Support (ESRS)





EMC ViPR Controller Moves to Open Source Development

Manuvir Das, Sr. VP of EMC Emerging Technologies Division, discusses the value of moving ViPR Controller to an open source development model.




ViPR How-to Video: Provisioning Block and File Storage

This ViPR 2.0 demonstration walks through storage provisioning as a provider tenant and covers how ViPR delivers storage-as-a-service to users and tenants through a self-service portal.




ViPR SRM: How To Perform a General Health Check
This video tutorial explains how to perform a general health check on your ViPR Storage Resource Manager (SRM).



ViPR SRM: How to Run the Calypso Log Collection tool

This video demonstrates how to install and run the calypso log collection tool.


ViPR Controller: Reboot ViPR node from CLI

This video demonstrates how to manually enforce the reboot of ViPR node from CLI when you are unable to reboot ViPR node from GUI.



ViPR SRM: Array Summary Card and Table View

Demonstrate the new features within the Array Summary Report-Card View and Table View.


ViPR SRM: Baseline Performance Metrics

Explore the new baseline feature for performance graphs in SRM 4.1.



ViPR SRM: A General Review of The All Alerts Report

This Video Demonstrates How to navigate to the all alerts report.



ViPR SRM: A Functional Administrators Look at the Alerts Report

This video demonstrates how to navigate to all the alerts reports and acknowledge an alert.



ViPR SRM: How To Create a File Connector

This video demonstrates how to Configure and Disable a File Connector.

ViPR SRM: How to Export the Report Template and Definition XML files for support

This video demonstrates how to export the Report Template and Report Definitions files for support evaluation.





ViPR SRM: Home (Landing) Page

This video was created to Demonstrate the Home (landing) page which is a new feature that was added within SRM 4.1



ViPR: EMC Storage Monitoring and Reporting 4.x - General Health Check, Exporting Logs and General Troubleshooting

This video demonstrates:

  • How to perform a general health check.
  • How to export logs for review by support.
  • General trouble shooting steps to resolve some common issues.




ViPR: Dell EMC Storage Monitoring and Reporting 4.x (SMR) – Installing Storage Monitoring and Reporting as a vApp


This video demonstrates the installation process of Dell EMC Storage Monitoring and Reporting as a vApp and provide best practices to accomplish a successful installation.