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12/09/2016 - Isilon Advisor has replaced SSP which is now EOSL


Now you can take advantage of the same utility that EMC Isilon Technical Support and EMC Isilon field representatives use to troubleshoot and prevent a wide range of known issues that occur on Isilon clusters. Download and run the Isilon Self-Service Platform (SSP), a Windows-based, off-cluster log analyzer that inspects and reports on cluster logs.


Within minutes, you receive a diagnostic report of the health of your cluster. This output provides a list of items for you to review, ranging from simple informational checks to critical alerts, with links to documentation for how to resolve issues that are identified.


Use the SSP, and tell us what you think. Is there something that you liked or disliked? Is anything missing, or is there something that you’d like changed? Did you run into issues using the application? Add your comments to the conversation. We value your feedback!


Thank you,

The Isilon SSP Team


The SSP is supported on OneFS 7.1.x through OneFS 7.2.x. If your cluster is running a version of OneFS prior to 7.1, please visit the OneFS Upgrades - Isilon Info Hub for information on upgrading your cluster.


While analyzing your Isilon cluster with the SSP, go to the Customer Troubleshooting Info Hub to locate troubleshooting guides that can help you to resolve issues that the SSP reports.



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