SolVe Desktop Information and Details

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What Is SolVe Desktop?

An interactive, standalone application which generates specific, step-by-step procedures for servicing your Dell EMC products.

The SolVe Desktop application can be downloaded from Support  ( )
               1. Click on the word  “SolVe” from the main page
               2.  Click on the Executable and Download
               3.  Follow the prompts to install. (Using the wizard)

After you install you must authenticate:

1. Accept the End User License Agreement

     Follow the instructions as shown:


           Leave SolVe Desktop Open   

           Click OK (On the pop up window) 

           Open the SolVe Desktop KeyChain File (.kcf)


How do I make sure I am on the latest version of SolVe Desktop ?
SolVe Desktop will prompt you to update. It’s a quick process and you won’t lose access to existing content.

If you haven’t been prompted to update yet, you can manually install by going to (Install in Program Files)


What are some benefits to SolVe Desktop

    • Relevant KnowledegeBase (KB)  articles, Advice, and Rules to guide users.
    • Solve Desktop Can be used offline
    • Videos
    • Top 10 Trending Support Topics

Anything I should be aware of?

  • SolVe Desktop 3.x requires Microsoft .NET 4.5.1-
    This will be installed automatically, but can also be manually installed if required from
  • Preferred Browser:   Google Chrome
  • Users must have Microsoft Word installed to use SolVe Desktop

Who do I contact if I need support?  

Contact us at  

ECN Community page: SolVe