Frequently Asked Questions : EMC PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere Software Download

What files do I need to download and install to run PowerPath/VE either in trial mode or in production?

PowerPath/VE requires two independent components that need to be downloaded and installed. The first component included the PowerPath ESXi drivers. The second component includes the CLI and support tools.

  • Download 1: Select the PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere version that corresponds with your ESXi environment. Refer to the PowerPath/VE release notes for the PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere version on the Documentation section on EMC Online Support.

For VMware vSphere versions, check with VMware for the latest hot fixes and updates. Refer to the E-Lab Interoperability Navigator and PowerPath release notes for details on specific VMware updates.

  • Download 2: There are two options for obtaining the CLI and support tools.
    • The first option is the PowerPath Virtual Appliance, which has the CLI and tools preloaded as well as additional extended functionality.
      • PowerPath Virtual Appliance 2.0 SP1 (New Deployment)
      • PowerPath Virtual Appliance 2.0 SP1 (Upgrade only)
    • The second option includes individual installation packages for the CLI and tools so users can manually install the components on designated servers.
      • PowerPath/VE 6.0 SP1 Stand-Alone Tools Bundle

Note: Both options in the Download 2 section are backwards compatible with the versions listed in the Download 1 section.


Specifically, which components within the PowerPath/VE Install SW Bundle zip files are required for installation?

The following components are required to install and use the solution:

  • PowerPath/VE 6.0 SP1, 6.0, 5.9 SP1, 5.7 P02, 5.7 P01, or 5.4 and patch releases for VMware vSphere 6.0, 5.1, 5.0, 4.2 P01, 4.1.x, 4.0.x (available in ZIP files)
  • The appropriate version of PowerPath/VE remote tools (RTOOLS) based on your operating system of Linux or Windows.
  • Optionally, to utilize the served licenses managed by Electronic Licensing Management Software (ELMS) versus using unserved licenses, you will also need the appropriate PowerPath/VE ELMS software files.
  • Alternatively, use PowerPath Virtual Appliance (SLES 11) with support for RTOOLS and ELMS.


Where is the PowerPath/VE Install SW Bundle ZIP file located?

The software bundles are located in the PowerPath for VMware Software Downloads section on EMC Online Support.


What is the Electronic Licensing Management System (ELMS)?

ELMS is a streamlined software distribution and management solution. Rather than receiving and managing CDs and multiple paper licenses, ELMS allows you to perform these functions electronically--and to be assured that your PowerPath/VE deployment conforms to the licenses purchased.


What are the platform requirements for the ELMS server?

Windows and Linux servers are the two platforms supports. Refer to the PowerPath/VE release notes for qualified ELMS server platforms code levels. The release notes are available on the Documentation section on EMC Online Support.


What ELMS modes are supported for PowerPath/VE for VMware?

The ELMS modes supported for PowerPath/VE for VMware include:

  • Unserved: Unserved (Node-Lock / File-based / Uncounted)
  • Served: Floating / Counted using a licensing server


How do I know which ELMS mode to select?

General guidelines for helping you select the right ELMS mode for your data center follows:

  • ELMS Unserved mode is a good fit for small sites (up to 20 hosts) and requires you to enter the license key manually for each ESXi host. This mode is not supported on VMware vSphere 5.x stateless hosts.
  • ELMS Served mode with centralized license management is a good fit for larger deployments and is required for stateless / auto-deployed hosts (vSphere 5 only). An ELMS license server is required for this mode.


Do I need a separate and unique license file for each ESXi host in the Unserved mode?

Yes. There must be a separate, unique file for each ESXi host. Each license file must be individually activated through the PowerPath Licensing portal based on the ESXi System ID for that ESXi host.


If I already have a license server, what do I need to do to add license management for PowerPath/VE?

If you already have an EMC license server, all you need to do is add the license file to the licensing path of the license server. If there is a Flexera license server dedicated to licensing or another company that utilizes FlexNet licensing; best practice is to set up a new license server.


How do I install and manage licenses for PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere?

Installing and managing PowerPath for VMware vSphere is done through rpowermt host. Refer to the PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere Installation and Administration Guide on the Documentation section on EMC Online Support.


How do I install the PowerPath Virtual Appliance?

Refer to the PowerPath Virtual Appliance Installation and Configuration Guide on the Documentation section on EMC Online Support.


Can I use Served and Unserved PowerPath/VE licenses at the same location?

Yes. The use of Served and Unserved at the same site is supported.


How do I convert from an unserved license to a served license?

To convert from an unserved license to a served license:

  1. Download and install the PowerPath Virtual Appliance.
  2. Request a PowerPath/VE unserved-served license file conversion by performing the following steps:
  3. Install the new served license file in the PowerPath Virtual Appliance.
  4. Disable the existing unserved licenses. Disabling the existing licenses will not affect PowerPath/VE multipathing capability.
  5. Verify that the license appliance is automatically deploying licenses to the PowerPath/VE host. This takes approximately 10-15 minutes to redeploy all of the licenses. Alternatively, run rpowermt register to register a served license on all ESXi hosts.

The PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere Installation and Administration Guide and the PowerPath Virtual Appliance Installation and Configuration Guide provides more information.


What happens if I run out of PowerPath licenses on the license server (Served mode)?

In Served mode the license server will allow you to consume 10% additional PowerPath licenses. A warning message will be displayed during overdraft and you will need to purchase additional PowerPath licenses.


What happens when the PPVE host cannot find the appliance? If it was already licensed would it continue to operate for a period?

Yes, PPVE will continue to operate if the license server becomes unavailable.


How do I get a license key?

To activate a license key you must have a License Activation Code (LAC). A LAC or Trial LAC is a 20-digit alphanumeric code provided to you by an EMC representative upon purchasing the PowerPath/VE licensed product. If you do not have a PowerPath/VE LAC, please start a Service Request with the licensing support team for additional help. If you do have a LAC then following steps provided below.


What is a License Activation Code (LAC)?

A LAC is the unique, non-guessable identifier that corresponds to all license entitlements on a delivery and can be used to manage those entitlements on the PowerPath Licensing portal.


How do I activate the License Activation Code (LAC)?

From EMC Online Support, navigate to Service Center > Get and Manage License > PowerPath. From the PDF, select the PowerPath_Licensing_Portal. Alternatively, navigate to the PowerPath Licensing Portal.


Where can I find information on PowerPath/VE and Electronic License Management installation?

The following documents have more information regarding PowerPath/VE and Electronic License:


What is Usage Intelligence?

Usage intelligence is a market-leading capability that enables the collection transfer, analysis, and reporting of software usage and entitlement data across all EMC Information Infrastructure products through a single pane of glass. The solution is being offered to EMC customers, free of charge, and will provide the following value:

  • Visibility: Provides on-demand insight to activation, entitlements, software deployment and consumption patterns through a customer portal
  • License Optimization: Improves value by making you aware of underused licenses by enabling you to deploy the same
  • Budgeting and Planning: Provides predictive analytics of software license needs to address business needs
  • Allocation Enablement: Improves your ability to provide ITaaS, via internal cost allocation capability (chargebacks)
  • Customization: Allows EMC to create customized consumption models for you, based on past usage patterns


Where can I find additional information on Usage Intelligence?

If you would like to learn more about EMC's Usage Intelligence offering, please visit the eLicensing Community page. You can also contact EMC's eLicensing team with any questions.


How do I activate Usage Intelligence for PowerPath/VE?

To activate Usage Intelligence please contact your EMC account team.


Do I need to purchase new licenses in order to use the Usage Intelligence feature?

No, you do not need to purchase new licenses in order to use the Usage Intelligence feature.


I do not want to use Usage Intelligence, can I still upgrade to the latest PowerPath Virtual Appliance?

Yes, you can still take advantage of the latest release features and bug fixes without moving to Usage Intelligence.


Can the PowerPath Virtual Appliance be used to track license usage for non-PowerPath/VE license?

Yes, PowerPath Virtual Appliance (2.0 and later) can be used to track license usage for PowerPath Physical (non-PowerPath/VE) licenses.


Are my existing PowerPath/VE licenses compatible with the latest Virtual Appliance release?

Yes, your existing PowerPath/VE licenses are compatible with the Virtual Appliance, however the existing PowerPath/VE licenses will not automatically enable Usage Intelligence.


Can I upgrade my existing Virtual Appliance to the latest Virtual Appliance release?

Yes, you can upgrade your existing Virtual Appliance to the latest release.


Can I use my existing Virtual Appliance or RTOOLS with the new licenses?

No, you must upgrade to the latest Virtual Appliance or RTOOLS in order to use the new license format. See KB 209967 for additional information.


If you have additional questions, contact the TCE Pre-Sales Support Center at 1-866-EMC-7777 (U.S. and Canada), 1-508-435-1000, ext. 54777 (International).