EMC Innovation Conference 2009 Public Café


The 2009 EMC Innovation Conference was held on October 14th.


Here are some of the people behind the global event, and what others are saying about it.



Executive Video

Watch EMC executives Jeff Nick, Frank Slootman, Frank Hauck, Howard Elias, Art Coviello and Pat Gelsinger as they talk about innovation at EMC.



People came from around the world to participate in the conference. Here are some of their faces.


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Who is talking about the EMC Innovation Conference?


Irsan WidartoA view from Rotterdam on the EMC Innovation Conference 2009
Franklin, MA
Stuart MinimanInnovation for more than a day; all of Stuart's posts covering the conference and contest
Steve ToddInnovation 2009
Polly PearsonCulture and Innovation; more from Polly
Dave SpencerHanging out with the braintrust
Jamie PappasInnovation, Passion and Social Media come together at EMC's Third Annual Innovation Conference
Kathrin WinklerInnovating for Sustainability
Santa Clara, CA
Len DevannaInnovation Day at EMC

News and Press Coverage

EMC Innovation Conference in the news.


EMC Press Release: EMC Hosts Third Annual Global Innovation Conference:http://www.emc.com/about/news/press/2009/20091014-01.htm
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