DELL EMC Research Europe



Dell EMC Research Europe, based in the Centre of Excellence in Ireland, drives Dell EMC’s future networks and cloud security research agenda, through research and innovation in strategic application areas. Starting in 2011, the research team in Ireland has positioned itself as a core contributor on projects run by European Union framework programmes, FP7 and H2020. The team has won funding for 10 projects since 2013; SOLAS (2013-2017), SPECS (2013-2016), SPARKS (2014-2017), ESCUDO-CLOUD (2015-2018), NEAT (2015-2018), SAFE-CRYPTO (2015-2019), the recently started SLICENET (2017-2020) and TERAPOD (2017-2020) and the upcoming SERENA (2017-2020) and CUTLER (2018-2021). The team applies expertise in state-of-the art technologies, such as software-defined networking, secure containers, semantic modelling, edge processing, storage virtualisation, machine learning and data analytics, to produce innovative solutions for critical infrastructure protection, cloud security and privacy, cloud management and orchestration, IoT testbeds, IT infrastructure management, 5G vertical use cases, digital transformation for regulated industries, data centre optimisation, and more.


Among the research activities carried out to date, the team has addressed the challenges faced by organisations assessing cloud service providers’ security and performance capabilities, worked on post-quantum cryptography solutions, implemented security analytics for smart grid protection, demonstrated open source tools for data security and management on hybrid cloud storage, and developed an SDN-supported policy framework to allow data exchange to be tailored to the characteristics of the content and available infrastructure. Upcoming projects include advancing towards THz wireless communication in data centres and the creation of “network as a service”, allocating logical network slices to multiple operators in a flexible and efficient manner. Other focus areas include energy efficiency for data centres, digital transformation for regulated industries, cloud management and orchestration, and data privacy.