Introducing ECS 2.2: Clouds with Benefits

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Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) is a modern, multi-purpose, shared global storage that scales into Exabytes to store both small and large files with strong global consistency.  ECS is built from the ground up to support multiple protocols for unstructured (Object and File) workloads on a single cloud-scale storage platform, natively speeding up storage for traditional archive as well as modern web, mobile, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Hadoop applications. You can store, access or consume data without any translation gateways.

ECS delivers simple storage management of globally distributed infrastructure under a single global namespace with anywhere access to content. ECS smart storage simplifies data governance and management with instant meta-data search, analytics enabled by HDFS and built-in optimizations for speed and storage efficiency. Building on the EMC experience for enterprise grade features for protection, availability, encryption, authentication and access controls, ECS delivers a long list of ISV ecosystem application and technology support. ECS provides you more control of your data assets with enterprise class object, file and HDFS storage in a secure and compliant system. With the new management, monitoring and scripting capabilities, you can easily offer Storage-as-a-Service within your enterprises.


ECS features a flexible software-defined architecture that is layered in such a way that promotes limitless scalability. Each layer is completely abstracted and independently scalable with high availability and no single point of failure. ECS brings public cloud capabilities within your own datacenter and behind the corporate firewall. Leveraging COTS (commodity off the shelf) hardware, high storage efficiency, smaller datacenter footprint and simple management, enterprises can benefit from public-cloud economics within the security of your own datacenter.

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