Updates to ECS Community Edition

We're pleased to report that ECS Community Edition has recently updated to ECS Software v2.1, Hotfix 1, resolving many minor issues (detailed further at support.emc.com).


In response, recent changes and updates have been made to theCentOS-Docker Installation scripts for ECS Community Edition. Those with a previous version of the installation scripts may update to the latest version by executing git pull from anywhere within the ECS-CommunityEdition directory.


New In This Update:


  • Users can now optionally specify a version of ECS to install using the variable arguments --imagename (for example, a "reduced footprint" image) and --imagetag (version) to step1_ecs_[single/multi]node_install.py  If not set, these will default to the latest released version of ecs-software
  • The installation now provides more information to the user (such as during wait times), ensures the ECS Administrative Portal is available at the conclusion of initial installation, and proceeds more readily as services become available on the host machine.
  • Fixes addressing an issue causing long authentication times and preventing access to the ECS Administrative Portal in single-node installations.


For best results, we currently recommend a multi-node installation with at least three nodes equipped with a minimum of 16GB RAM and 100GB disk space each.


Current Known Issues:


  • Error 7000 (http: 500) - an error in insertVdcInfo - is occasionally incorrectly reported as a result of DNS-related issues. Please ensure that the host is able to resolve itself from the upstream DNS if VDC creation fails.
  • Reported instance of storage pool failure on rebooting ECS Community Edition nodes. For this reason, we temporarily recommend that the host system remain continuously active and not restarting the docker container.