VADP backup fails for client with error: Cannot download the VM configuration for VM 'Client_Name'


EMC NetWorker

VMware vSphere

VMware vCenter



VADP backup for client machine fails with error,

The snapshot was created successfully for VM 'Client_Name'.
Downloading VM configuration for Client_Name.
83065:nsrvadp_save: The following internal error occurred: Unable to download config file: 'ANIOWA01P/ANIOWA01P.vmx', HTTP response code: 500, URL: ''
90233:nsrvadp_save: Cannot download the VM configuration for VM ''Client_Name'.
Deleting snapshot for 'snapshot-696' ...
Task is -1% complete
Task is -1% complete
Snapshot for VM Client_Name is deleted.
Temporary directory 'E:\mnt\Client_Name' for VADP deleted.



This can happen if there are cached lock files present on the VADP proxy server. To fix this follow these steps:

  1. Remove all lock files in the cache on the VADP proxy.
  2. Reboot the VADP proxy host.
  3. VMotion to another ESX host, make first copy.
  4. Avoid special character in vCenter Datacenter Name.
  5. Ask for VMware help to restart management services on the ESX host in which the VM resides.


Also make sure that the configuration setting on vCenter has been changed to enable HTTP access to the datastores.


Make the following change to the vpxd.cfg file on the vCenter Server:






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