Announcing the 10th Annual EMC Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Competition!


The Knowledge Sharing program offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Share your best practices and innovations
  • Receive recognition from EMC, the EMC Proven Professional Community, and the IT industry
  • Publish your work and reach thousands of your colleagues worldwide
  • Be eligible for a free pass to EMC World 2016 (Las Vegas, Nevada) and cash prizes
  • Be eligible to be published on Books24x7
  • New this year! We will be accepting audio and/or video submissions as well as written submissions
    • you may want to consider a white boarding submission, lab demonstration, podcast; the possibilities are now endless!
    • but remember - we work hard to ensure this competition is based on a truly blind, anonymous judging process. We need your cooperation to ensure non-written content does not contain any identifying markers to your identity

Looking for encouragement and inspiration?

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