Dell EMC Data Protection Wins! — Dell EMC vs. Veritas Benchmark Testing







Benchmark testing was recently completed to provide objective details on data protection for VMware workloads in a real world scenarios. The results show that EMC data protection solutions clearly outperform Veritas where it really counts in performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Real world testing of EMC Data Domain & EMC Avamar was completed and validated by ESG, as outlined in this recent ESG Lab Validation Report (Summary). In the EMC Data Protection for VMware white paper, these test results are compared with results from the same exact test harness applied to Veritas NBU 7.6.1 writing to a NetBackup 5330 appliance. The results make it clear that EMC's solution is superior in the real world:

  • 2.5x greater deduplication efficiency for VMware
  • 76% less VMware backup time
  • 52% less VMware recovery time



Dell EMC Data Protection Wins Lightboard Video -- YouTube

In this Lightboard video, John Dentinger reviews how Data Domain & Avamar and Veritas NetBackup actually compare in real world scenarios.

To see the full comparison of the results, please watch the video above or visit the EMC Data Protection Wins Infographic to the left. On the EMC Community Network's Data Domain community, a continuing blog series explores these results in greater detail:




ESG Lab InstaGraphic DD Avamar Dedupe Nov 2015.PNG.png      ESG Lab InstaGraphic DD Avamar Integration Nov 2015.PNG.png     ESG Lab InstaGraphic DD Avamar Perf Nov 2015.PNG.png

Instagraphic with Deduplication Results   |   Instagraphic with Integration Results    |    Instagraphic with Performance Results

EMC Data Domain offers the only solution validating that 100% of your data is ready and available for restore on a re-occurring basis. Data Domain’s patented Data Invulnerability Architecture ensures your data is always available and ready for restore.  This includes end-to-end verification at backup time, continuous fault detection & self-healing, fault avoidance, containment and file system recoverability.



EMC Avamar also employs patented redundant array of independent nodes (RAIN) technology, redundant power and internal networking, and RAID to provide high availability across nodes, eliminating single points of failure.  Avamar system integrity is verified twice daily via internal system checkpoints, and Avamar verifies the recoverability of all backup data daily.


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