XML Diff Engine - Product Details and Download


EMC Documentum XML Diff Engine (XDE) provides a Java-based tool for including XML diff/merge functionality in applications. Capabilites include the two- and three-way calculation of differences between XML documents, and merging of documents into a new one. Target applications typically run in a web browser, served by a suitable XML delivery platform, for example EMC Documentum xDB.


For end-user interaction with the Diff Engine, developers can choose:

  1. A GWT-based user interface
  2. A plain HTML-based interface
  3. A custom user interface developed from scratch


Here is an example of the GWT-based user interface:




The XML Diff Engine distribution package includes:

  • A diff/merge engine
  • A Java API
  • A .war file, for running the GWT-based sample application. It can be deployed to a servlet container
  • Ant targets for running the HTML GUI sample.


The XML Diff Engine is available for evaluation purposes.  If you'd like to leverage the product for commercial purposes, please contact your EMC sales representative.  If you don't have an EMC sales representative, you can contact the EMC sales team here.


Product documentation is available in the zip file below this article.


Additional Information

Additional information regarding the XML Diff Engine can be found at: