Fragile Cogs: Starting and Stopping OneFS Authentication Processes

NOTE: This topic is part of the Uptime Information Hub.


OneFS is an intricate, multifaceted and versatile creature, and its authentication features are no exception. Because OneFS authentication is implemented for many different storage environments, authentication needs can differ from setup to setup. Background authentication processes (sometimes evocatively referred to as daemons), also make configuration complex. These processes, which pertain to protocols such as SMB and NFS, constitute a rather fragile system. For this reason, if issues arise during the authentication process, we strongly recommend that you contact EMC Isilon Support. If you start or stop an authentication process on your own, you could create complications for other processes, particularly if you’re working in a Windows environment.


Here’s the takeaway:


  • If any authentication issues occur, contact EMC Isilon Support. Support engineers live and breathe authentication knowledge. They are your best advocates for resolving authentication issues.


  • Do not stop or start an authentication process unless instructed by EMC Isilon Support, or by a readme file. If you start or stop an authentication process without guidance, you could create additional issues. Why risk this? Instead, let EMC Isilon Support staff guide you. For example, a Support engineer might ask you to start or stop an authentication process before or after a particular patch is installed or removed. This easy, but essential, modification of the troubleshooting process will help you prevent additional complications.