PixTWAIN Version 2.0

PixTWAIN is an ISIS scanner driver that communicates with the TWAIN driver’s data source and allows a TWAIN imaging device, either a scanner or camera, to work with an ISIS application.  When an ISIS driver is not available for the user’s intended TWAIN device, PixTWAIN provide a standard interface to set up and control basic scanning features.  If a native ISIS driver is available for the TWAIN device, it is recommended to use the ISIS driver over PixTWAIN.


New Features

  • Automatic Configuration – PixTWAIN configurator is no longer included for PixTWAIN 2.0.  Configuration for PixTWAIN is automatically done when the PixTWAIN 2.0 driver used with the TWAIN driver’s data source for the first time.
  • Tabbed User Interface – Easier access to specific scanner features.
  • ISIS Presets – Custom presets provide user-specified scanner settings and configurations.  Each preset is saved locally, and can be shared by other users.
  • ISIS Choice Limiting – Provides the ability to limit the available options in the user interface of the ISIS application.
  • Preview Scan – Enables the user to scan a single page to determine whether the current settings provide acceptable results after scanning.
  • Software Support for Brightness &  Contrast – Provides an option for using software to adjust brightness and contrast.
  • Gamma User Interface – Provides settings for custom gamma controls, including a gamma table with graphical user interface, image preview, and histogram that updates dynamically as the preview image is updated.
  • Troubleshooting Options – Provides a troubleshooting tab with options for resolving common issues between PixTWAIN, the TWAIN data source, and the scanning device.
  • Localization of the Driver