Global Cloud Integration Program Overview

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The integration program is a community effort to showcase new and interesting integrations for the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.  Most of these integrations come from the work that the EMC and VMware professional services teams are doing on behalf of our customers.


The integrations listed on this page have been performed onsite with our customers, and represent both business and technical value to each organization.  We've reviewed the integrations as they come in from across the teams supporting the solution, to demonstrate that they are...


1.  Valuable to our customers and partners

2.  Reasonably repeatable at customer sites

3.  Don't bring inherent risk to the customer site




The integrations that we list here are generally going to be implemented by EMC, VMware, or certified Federation-Ready partners on behalf of our customers.  While some of these are purely community focused and don't represent an special IP or development, there are some that are the product of specific code written to enable the new integration.


The value for both of these types of integrations is that when we list them on this site, you'll have a level of confidence that we've actually performed these integrations for other customers in the past, and in some cases, we've even validated the integration in our own Center of Excellence Labs.


As we bring integrations to the site, we'll also give you some idea as to how well they are supported.  By default, the


Support models are listed as:

  • Supported:  These integrations have been tested in our labs and come with the full support of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud support programs.
  • Approved:  These integrations have been reviewed by our Center Of Excellence and have been replicated in our labs.  No direct support provisions from the solution team is provided for these integrations unless specifically added in a services agreement.
  • Community:  These integrations have passed a nomination stage and have been deemed valuable, repeatable, and without significant risk.  However, there has been no validation of the integration by EMC and there is no implied or available support.


Where do I go to see the list?  Click HERE to go to our repository of solution integrations.  Click on the "Follow" link when you get there to get notified anytime we add new content.


Have questions about the program?  Engage with the Cloud Solutions Team right here in the EMC community.