NetWorker Module for SAP 9.0 Product Documentation Index

Use this index to view the NetWorker Module for SAP 9.0 product documentation. These links go directly to articles posted on the EMC Community Network (ECN)  or You can also retrieve specific articles through an ECN search or a general web search.

Installation and Updating from a Previous Release

EMC NetWorker Module 9.0 for SAP Installation Guide

Contains information about backup and recovery of SQL Server VDI by using EMC NetWorker Module for Microsoft.

EMC NetWorker 9.0.x Licensing Guide

Provides information about licensing NetWorker products and features.

Software Compatibility Guide: Avamar, Data Domain, and NetWorker Compatibility Guide

This is the online version of the software compatibility guide (SCG) for Avamar and NetWorker data protection products , which also includes application plugin's and modules such as NMDA (Databases), NMM (Microsoft), NMMEDI (Meditech), AER (Avamar Extended Retention) and Snapshot management.


Administration and Configuration

EMCNetWorker Module for SAP 9.0 Administration Guide

This guide provides information on how to configure, use, and maintain the NetWorker Module for SAP software for regular and snapshot backup and recovery operations.

EMC NetWorker Module for SAP 9.0 Command Reference Guide

Describes how to use the command line programs in the EMC NetWorker Module for SAP with Oracle (NMSAP) release 9.0.x.