NetWorker 9.0

Product: NetWorker 9.0, NetWorker Module for Microsoft 9.0, NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications 9.0, NetWorker Module for SAP 9.0, NetWorker Module for Meditech 9.0


Directed Availability Date: September 24, 2015

Generally Availability Date: TBD by DA exit criteria being met.


Product Overview

NetWorker is an enterprise-class data protection solution. It is software based, distributed via the customer’s various networks and is deployed upon the application/print/web servers. NetWorker is highly customizable to meet specific automation, performance and infrastructure needs.

NetWorker Module for Microsoft (NMM) delivers a unified solution for protection of Microsoft Server applications.  It enables EMC NetWorker to leverage Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) feature to create and manage consistent point-in-time snapshot data copies for quick recovery and off-host backup. NetWorker users can capture more frequent recovery points on disk and recover information in a fraction of the time it takes to restore from a tape, lessening the impact of data protection operations on production servers.

NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications (NMDA), and NetWorker Module for SAP (NMSAP) are application modules that are designed to enhance the NetWorker protection. NetWorker with NMDA or NMSAP provides services that enable the NetWorker software to backup and recover various, Operating Systems and Applications. NMDA provides support for Lotus Notes, Sybase, Informix, Oracle, MySQL and DB2. NMSAP provides support for SAP with Oracle and SAP HANA.

NetWorker Module for MEDITECH (NMMedi) along with the NetWorker client operates from a Windows proxy server to communicate with the MEDITECH hosts, and the VNX, Symmetrix VMAX, XtremIO and RecoverPoint systems.


New Product Feature Summary

NetWorker 9.0

NMMedi 9.0

Policy Engine for all workflows

BBB support for Linux

Client Connectivity Check

Data Domain Cloning

New License Server CLP for both Traditional and Capacity and must be installed.

NetWorker Virtual Edition through OVA

Dynamic Parallel save streams

Enhanced NetWorker Snapshot Management

Enhanced NetWorker Management Console

NMMEDI support for RP/XIO

NSM Support for XIO via RP

Bug fixes

NMDA 9.0 & NMSAP 9.0

NMM 9.0

NSM backup and restore support (including support for ProtectPoint with VMAX3)

NetWorker 9.0 policy-based configuration

NMC Oracle Recovery UI

DD Boost backups over Fibre Channel on AIX

New parameter for DB2 roll forward with a rollback

New parameters for Oracle backups: Deprecated support of Selected NMDA commands, NetWorker browse policy, Avamar operations

NSM backup and restore support (including support for ProtectPoint with VMAX3)

Support of SAP HANA SPS 09

DD Boost backups over Fibre Channel on AIX

Updated support of NMSAP parameters: Deprecated support of Selected NMSAP commands, NetWorker browse policy, Avamar operations

BBB support for Exchange, Hyper-V

Streamlined VSS Software Provider support

Installation and workflow enhancements

SQL Log gap protection

SQL Backup level rename

Hyper-V virtual intelligent proxies for CSV backups.

File level recovery (FLR) for Hyper-V virtual machines