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10 November - 24 November

Lawrence Chiu
Principal Product Manager, Software

Isilon, EMC

Karthik Ramamurthy
Sr  Manager

Isilon, EMC

Kshitij Thambe
Sr Tech Marketing Mgr

Isilon, EMC

Scott Owens
Principal Product Manager, Software

Isilon, EMC

Anissa Mohler
Senior Manager, Product Management

Isilon, EMC


On 10 November, EMC announces game-changing EMC Isilon scale-out storage products and capabilities that will enable organizations to extend the power of their enterprise data lake to reach new levels of efficiency, scalability and business agility.

The new Isilon software products being introduced include:

  • EMC IsilonSD Edge - Fully software-defined storage that lets customers deploy on commodity hardware and easily manage enterprise edge locations. IsilonSD Edge allows the enterprises to extend the edge of the data lake up to 36 TB and scale up to six nodes.
  • EMC Isilon OneFS.NEXT- The next release of our industry-leading OneFS software provides secure, enterprise-grade resiliency and continuous service for the data center. It supports non-disruptive upgrade and rollback capabilities, ensuring continuous operations as data lakes continue to grow in size.
  • EMC Isilon CloudPools -A new capability that extends the data lake seamlessly to public, private, and hybrid clouds. It embraces the cloud as an archive tier for cold data, providing nearly unlimited capacity, compelling economics, and access to data regardless of location.



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