Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution Drives Business Agility, Reduces Costs, and Increases IT Value

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.5 for Business and IT Agility


Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud drives business agility and reduces costs by automating delivery of secure, always-on infrastructure and IT-as-a-Service for traditional enterprise applications through a self-service catalog. A one-of-a-kind engineered solution, it combines best-of-class technologies, professional services and single contact support. Enterprise Hybrid Cloud makes delivering hybrid cloud simple.


A hybrid cloud helps organizations innovate rapidly while still delivering enterprise-grade performance, resiliency and security. The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud delivers on this by combining the control, reliability and confidence of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency of public clouds to transform delivery of IT services. A one-of-a-kind engineered solution, it delivers automated infrastructure services for traditional enterprise applications across private and public clouds with greater speed, scalability and agility, while reducing costs and minimizing risks. Workflows and application blueprints transform what was once manual into automated infrastructure provisioning, on-demand, with management insights and cost transparency.

enterprise hybrid cloud 3.5 feature highlights

  • Agility through rapid delivery of Infrastructure-as-a-Service to business users, with on-demand service up to 2x faster than traditional IT enterprise applications and services.
  • Simplicity through engineered automation and component-service integration, leveraging thousands of hours of engineering to bring virtualization, storage, data protection, and automation into a single Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution stack.
  • Flexibility through a combination of foundation-based services, engineered modular add-on capabilities, and a broad ecosystem of third-party integration and support, enabling rapid introduction of new services in response to changing business needs.
  • Security through role-based access, network isolation and micro-segmentation and optional VM volume encryption.

Lab Module highlights

This updated vLab, Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.5 - for Business and IT Agility, based on VMware vSphere 6, VMware vRealize Suite, EMC ViPR, and EMC Data Protection solutions, provides the following use cases:

  • Cloud Operations and Administration
    • Provision storage into the cloud resource pool using vRealize Automation and EMC ViPR automated provisioning tools.
    • Discover and import a pre-existing VM into the cloud environment.
    • Use the interactive demo features of the Cloud Experience Center to discover how to add a vCloud Air virtual data center to an EHC environment.
  • Cloud Service Creation and Enablement
    • Create and publish a new Infrastructure-as-a-Service blueprint and administrative approval policy.
    • Create and validate a new backup service level.
    • Use the interactive demo features of the Cloud Experience Center to integrate ServiceNow CMDB enterprise management into the automated deployment process.
  • Cloud Service Access and Consumption
    • Manage a VM through its lifecycle, from deployment through disposal, with data protection, snapshot management, and hardware reconfiguration included.
    • Deploy and compare secure and unsecure multi-tier applications that leverage NSX micro-segmentation and load-balancing capabilities.
    • Provision and verify a Tomcat web server application using Puppet Enterprise automated application deployment.
    • Protect VM data using CloudLink SecureVM encryption.


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