This article will help you gain access to this board!

Register an ECN account


·         Visit the EMC Community Network home page




o   Click on Login/Register


·         If you already have an ECN account, skip the next step (registering an account)


·         If you don't already have an ECN account, click on Register


o   When you have provided your email, you'll be asked to select a 'screen name'


o   When submitted, an email will be sent where you click a link to activate the account


o   Once the account is activated, you can participate in documents, discussions, etc. in most places of the ECN






To get access to the private Pilot area:


·         Once you are logged in, click on your name in the header…this brings you to the profile page.


·         Send me an email with the url of your profile page… your actual screenname/username is the last part of the url


·         For example, my profile page is


·         We will then put you into the correct permissions group so you can access the space


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