Information Storage and Management (ISM) v3 FAQs

EMC Education Services has launched Information Storage and Management (ISM) v3, the new version of the 'open' course.


This document should answer most of the questions you may have about the new Information Storage and Management v3 training and certification. If you have questions that aren't covered here, please add them in the comments.


1. How does ISM v3 differ from ISM v2?
ISM v3 training and certification is designed to increase the scope of your IT skills transformation and bring you up-to-date on the latest emerging technologies. It captures all the key concepts of our popular ISM v2 ‘open’ course and builds on it to include Third Platform technologies - cloud, Big Data, mobile computing, and social networking - software-defined storage, and more.


ISMv2 Exam
ISMv3 Updated
Exam Topics
Key Changes
Storage SystemData Center Infrastructure,
Storage Systems
  • Evolution of computing platforms, key characteristics of big data, components of a big data analytics solution, social networking and mobile computing, characteristics of a third platform infrastructure, and imperatives for third platform transformation
  • Building blocks of a data center and a software-defined data center
  • SSD components, addressing, and performance, scale-up vs. scale-out architecture
  • Software-defined storage
  • HDFS and cloud storage gateway
Storage Networking TechnologiesStorage Networking Technologies
  • FC SAN: Flow control, link aggregation, NIPV, NPV, VSAN configuration, VSAN trunking, VSAN tagging
  • IP SAN: Link aggregation, switch aggregation, self-forming network, VLAN trunking, stretched VLAN, FCIP tunnel configuration
  • FCoE SAN: FCoE process, FIP, FCoE addressing, frame forwarding, and VLAN and VSAN in FCoE
Backup, Archive and ReplicationBackup, Archive,
and Replication
  • Stretched cluster, availability zone, application resiliency, direct primary storage backup, clud-based and mobile device-based backup, and cloud based achieving, hypervisor-based replication, and disaster recovery as a service
Cloud Computing and Security and Management of
Storage Infrastructure
Security and Management
  • Security threats, security mechanism, and GRC
  • Key characteristics of third platform centric management, infrastructure discovery, configuration management, change management, incident management, and problem management

For additional details, visit (EMC employees click here).



2. What are the available ISM v3 training options?
ISM v3 training options and availability are:
Delivery ModeAvailabilityTitleAsset #
Instructor-Led TrainingAugust 28, 2015Information Storage and Management v3MR-1CP-ISMV3
Online Instructor-Led TrainingAugust 28, 2015Information Storage and Management v3 – Online ILTMR-1LP-ISMV3
Video ILT-StreamAugust 28, 2015Information Storage and Management v3 – Video ILTMR-1TP-ISMV3-1504
e-LearningAugust 28, 2015Set of 16 modules. Check course description for details.

3. How do I find and register for the ISM v3 training course?
To download the ISM v3 course description, view course schedules, and register; please visit the EMC Education services website at (EMC employees click here).

4. Will the ISM v2 course remain available?

No. The ISM v2 course will be replaced by ISM v3 course when the new curriculum and exam launch on Aug 28, 2015.

5. When is the new E05-001 ISM v3 exam available?
The E05-001 Information Storage and Management Version 3 Exam will be available at Pearson VUE testing centers worldwide starting August 28, 2015. Visit (EMC employees click here) to access the exam description and take the practice test. To find a testing center near you and register for an exam, please visit

6. What credential will be achieved by passing the E05-001 ISM v3 Exam?
Candidates who pass the E05-001 Information Storage and Management Version 3 Exam will achieve the Information Storage Associate (EMCISA) Version 3 credential, a qualifying prerequisite for achieving most of the Specialist-level certifications.

7. I am already a certified EMCISA. Will my credential (based on ISM v2 or ISM) expire?
No. If you are already a certified EMC Proven Professional Information Storage Associate (EMCISA), your existing Associate-level certification does not expire and continues to qualify as a prerequisite for achieving Specialist-level certification where ISMv2 or ISM is applicable.

8. When will the E10-001 Information Storage and Management v2 Exam retire?
The E10-001 Information Storage and Management (ISM) v2 Exam, which is the exam that supports the Information Storage and Management Associate Version 2 (EMCISA) certification, will retire on December 31, 2015.

9. I’ve already begun preparing for EMCISA certification using ISM v2, what should I do?
If you have already begun preparing for the E10-001 Information Storage and Management v2 Exam using ISM v2 training materials, we recommend that you plan to take and pass the exam on or before December 31, 2015.

10. I am new to the EMC Proven Professional Program, what should I do?
We recommend that you prepare for the E05-001 Information Storage and Management Version 3 Exam using ISM v3 training materials.


Note: If you have questions that aren't covered here, please add them in the comments section. You can also contact us at (from the case type menu, choose EMC Proven Professional Support, then click Select)