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Team Trends Global

Erwin Chiong - founder of Trends Global LLC, a California based company specializing in Documentum BPM and TCM solutions, whose personal goal is better health management through a healthy lifestyle, leveraged his more than 25 years of solutions management experience, the last 12 years of which focusing in Documentum.

Dr. Tommy Co - over 30 years of medical practice in the fields of internal, pulmonary, and critical medicine. With strong roots in community medicine, Dr. Co, along with his peers of dedicated medical practitioners, has been providing free weekly medical clinics for the indigent members of his community. Maintains blogs and twitts on Documentum and healthcare management.

Sharleen Co - software developer whose strength lies in learning and adapting to varying nuances in product development with ease. With her 8 years of software development experience, Sharleen makes the mark with her invaluable contribution to HealthCord XT. Currently, Erwin, Dr Co, and Sharleen continue to work as a team with an upcoming healthcare and lifestyle management site called