Installation Of ESRS Virtual Edition (ESRSVE) 3.06 On VMware

Here is a procedure for installing ESRS Virtual Edition (ESRSVE) version 3.06.  On June 25, 2015, EMC released EMC Security Advisory (ESA) ESA-2015-097 explaining that all customers should upgrade to version 3.06 because of some vulnerabilities contained in earlier versions.  If you are at version 3.02, you need to manually upgrade to 3.04.  The patch is available on the EMC Online Support portal.  If you are at version 3.04, use the Update tab in the ESRSVE GUI to upgrade to version 3.06.  You may find that the password for the administrative user (default is admin) no longer works after the upgrade.  If that is the case, use the procedure in the document section on this forum titled Recovering From Forgotten Admin and Root Passwords on ESRSVE to reset the password for the administrative user.  Let me know if you have any problems with the procedure.