Announcing EMC ViPR Suite

The ViPR Suite combines EMC ViPR Controller and EMC ViPR SRM to deliver storage automation and management insights across multivendor storage.   It helps improve efficiency and optimize storage resources while meeting SLAs.   The ViPR Suite empowers consumers with self-service access to speed service delivery, reducing dependencies on IT, providing an easy to use cloud experience with cost transparency.


ViPR Controller is storage automation software based on the open source development project CoprHD on GitHub.  It centralizes and transforms multi-vendor storage into a simple and extensible platform.  It abstracts and pools resources to deliver automated, policy-driven storage services on demand via a self-service catalog.  With vendor neutral centralized storage management, customers can reduce storage provisioning costs up to 73%, provide greater choice and deliver a path to the cloud through storage-as-a-service.  


ViPR SRM compliments ViPR Controller by empowering you to make more informed decisions.  It is monitoring and reporting software that allows you buy less storage through proper planning and utilization while aligning costs with business requirements through chargeback.   It helps you to buy better by providing insights into workloads that can be moved to lower cost storage without impacting SLAs.  ViPR SRM lets you to visualize, analyze, and optimize your storage investments and make more informed purchasing decisions to reduce costs while meeting SLAs.