DL56471 Solutions Enabler 8.0.1 for Linux x64

EMC® Solutions Enabler software provides your host with the Symmetrix® Command Line

Interface (SYMCLI). The SYMCLI is a comprehensive command set for managing your

storage environment. SYMCLI commands can be invoked on the command line or within

scripts. These commands can be used to monitor device configuration and status, and

perform control operations on devices and data objects within your storage environment.


With SYMCLI you can:

Discover the storage environment

Configure user authorization

Create device and storage groups

Configure FAST (Enginuity 5874 through 5876)

Provision storage

Create e-disks

Query configuration data for SCSI, array, device, disk, and virtual environments

View performance statistics

View log files

Migrate data (Federated Live Migration - Enginuity 5773 through 5876)

Perform TimeFinder and SRDF control operations


The SYMCLI resides on a host system to monitor and perform control operations on DMX

and VMAX Family storage arrays. SYMCLI commands are invoked from the host operating

system command line (shell). The SYMCLI commands are built on top of SYMAPI library

functions, which use system calls that generate low-level I/O SCSI commands to the

storage arrays. To reduce the number of inquiries from the host to the storage arrays,

configuration and status information is maintained in a host database file (called the

Symmetrix configuration database; symapi_db.bin by default).

Download here: DL56471 Solutions Enabler 8.0.1 for Linux x64