ECS Test Drive – Getting started with Swift and Cyberduck

This document is for users who want to establish connectivity to ECS Test Drive via OpenStack Swift using Cyberduck.  Cyberduck is a general-purpose multi-protocol file transfer application.  It can be used during development to create containers, browse the content you've uploaded to ECS Test Drive, and to add or remove content from ECS Test Drive.  Before proceeding, be sure you have registered and can log in to your ECS Test Drive account.  Click here to complete the registration.


  1. ) Once you have registered for you ECS Test Drive account, log in and click the credentials link at the top of the page.Step 1.png
  2. ) In the credentials page, click “swift password”.  Then, enter a password and click the “set password” button.  It is your responsibility to remember the password created in this step as we do not retain this information in our system. Please keep proper records.Step 2.png
  3. ) When connecting Cyberduck to ECS Test Drive via OpenStack Swift, you must connect via SWAUTH. At the time of this writing, Keystone authentication using Cyberduck is not supported.  To obtain the Cyberduck profile for connecting via SWAUTH, please click here and download the Swift (HTTPS) profile.
  4. ) Now switch over to Cyberduck and configure a new connection/bookmark using the profile downloaded in the previous step (double click the downloaded profile to launch the new connection/bookmark dialog window).
  5. ) Using info from your ECS Test Drive credentials page input the URL and Access Key ID.  Also, switch the port to 443.  After you finished entering in the information, click the red close button in the top right corner (red circle top left Mac users).Step 5.png
  6. ) Double click the new connection that you just configured.  You will be prompted for the secret key.  This is the password that you created in step 2 above.Step 6.png
  7. ) Click login.  You are now connected to ECS Test Drive via OpenStack swift.