ECS Sample Code

Sample Code Example:


Mosaicme is a Microservice application that retrieves images from selected Twitter feeds, stores them on an object store, and then it process them to build a mosaic based on a selected set of pictures.


The MosaicMe application is a demo application to showcase how to design, build, and deploy a MicroService application. We have followed the best practices shared by the 12 Factor App manifest and best of breed DevOps practices to showcase how to do continuous integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) to automate the deployment of the application. The application includes the following:

  • Use of Linux containers to host each service.
  • Use of Object stores.
  • Restful APIs as communication Channel (REST, S3, SWIFT, HDFS)
  • Use of External Services like Twitter and Twilio)
  • Automated deployment model
  • Use of a Logging Router
  • Use of Queuing, Caching and Configuration Services
  • Use of Haddop to calculate statistics
  • Use of Puppet/Chef to deploy the application


To see this full document click here: emccode/mosaicme · GitHub