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Featured ServiceDescription
Converged Infrastructure ServicesComprehensive technology and deployment services to help you gain the most from your Dell EMC converged infrastructure and accelerate your modernization journey.
Customer Service AdvocateA named resource for administration of your support activities and reports so you can get back to focusing on getting the most out of your Dell EMC technology.
Customer Replaceable UnitsCRU enables Dell EMC to deliver replacement parts directly to you so that you can replace them. Without special tools or skills, you swap the old part for the new one. It's that simple.
Designated Support EngineerThe DSE is a troubleshooting expert who has in-depth knowledge of a specific legacy EMC product (i.e. VMAX, NetWorker, etc.) and offers a number of set deliverables and benefits.
Education ServicesDell EMC Education Services provides training and certification that enable you to maximize the return on your technology investments. Leverage our library of free e-Learning Fundamentals courses to develop and validate your expertise.
Dell EMC MOBILEDell EMC MOBILE is the Online Support mobile companion for iPhone and Android users providing fast, easy, and secure mobile access to technology insight and product support.
Intelligent Data MobilityDell EMC Intelligent Data Mobility Services can simplify the migration process, and reduce disruption, cost and time to execute.
Isilon AdvisorAccelerate time-to-resolution with Isilon Advisor, a smart, fast and effective application that enables customers to self-support common Isilon issues.

Non-Disruptive Data Migration Services for VMAX

Achieve faster time to value through non-disruptive migration services from existing VMAX arrays to VMAX3/All-Flash infrastructures.
Parts Retention ServiceDell EMC Parts Retention Service helps you protect your sensitive data.  With this service, you can retain failed disk drives, flash devices, and other non-volatile caching devices that contain confidential data.
Residency ServicesThe force multiplier for your IT staff and data center, Residency Services provide technology experts to accelerate your technology transition and optimize your IT.
XtremIO Health CheckThis service identifies any configuration issues and optimizes your existing environment, enabling you to achieve maximum performance and agility and maintain them on an ongoing basis.