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What's New

New features in ECS 2.0

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What is ECS?ECS hardware
Understanding data protection
Install and Upgrade

Plan an installation

ECS installations and upgrades are performed by EMC Professional Services. Contact your EMC representative to schedule an installation or upgrade engagement.
Install the ECS Free Download
ECS trial software download
Install ECS: Single Node
Install ECS: Multi Node
Configure and Manage
Getting started with the ECS PortalObtain and upload a license file
Configure storage pools, VDCs, and replication groupsManage a tenant
Add users and assign rolesFail over an ECS site
Configure a namespace for a tenant
Enable Data Access
Address ECS object storage and use the Base URLConfigure HDFS
Create and configure bucketsConfigure support for CAS SDK applications with the ECS Portal
Obtain secret key to access object storage
Access ECS Data
ECS Amazon S3 Object Service API supportECS OpenStack Swift Object Service API support
ECS EMC Atmos Object Service API support
Monitor resources: hardware, network traffic, disk bandwidth, node and process healthMonitor services: chunks, erasure coding, geo-replication, and recovery status
Monitor storage: metering and capacityMonitor events: audit portal, API, and CLI events and system alerts
Monitor service logs
Replace an ECS storage disk in third-party hardwareAdd a 60-disk upgrade to a U-Series ECS Appliance
Replace an ECS storage disk in a U-Series ApplianceECS third-party rack requirements
Use the REST API and CLI
Use the ECS Management REST APIInstall the ECS CLI
REST API ReferenceCLI Quick Reference
ECS Management API Workflows
Support Information

ECS Appliance Release Notes

(PDF posted on support.emc.com)

ECS Security Configuration Guide

(PDF posted on support.emc.com)

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