EMC’s Software-Defined Storage Portfolio Helps Customers Meet Next Generation Demands

A large portion of enterprise IT budget today is spent managing traditional storage infrastructures and maintaining existing IT processes.

The problem?

These traditional infrastructures are not designed to support the data-intensive, highly distributed workloads of modern applications.

What customers need is Software-Defined Storage (SDS), open APIs, and commodity hardware to accelerate innovation and help implement the next generation agile data center.

EMC has unveiled new SDS software and announced future enhancements to existing software that will help your customers do just that.

Introducing EMC’s First Open Source Software: CoprHD

ViPR Controller will be open and available for download as “CoprHD” in the open source community at GitHub for community-driven development starting in early June 2015.

This will allow customers, partners, developers, and other storage vendors to download, expand, and contribute to CoprHD’s breadth and depth of features and functions, and it encourages other storage vendors to validate their platforms with CoprHD.

How will this benefit you?

  • Develop and deliver new service offerings for customers: With open source you can develop and contribute new service catalog offerings with automated workflows tailored to your customers’ specific needs.
  • Expanded storage coverage = more choice: ViPR Controller acts as a single control plane for multivendor storage within a data center, which provides your customers with flexibility, choice, security, and transparency for their business.
  • Additional revenue opportunities: With open source, storage vendors will be able to ensure that their products are fully supported within CoprHD, allowing you to reach new customers whose storage products may not have been fully supported in the past.

EMC continues to offer a commercial product, ViPR Controller, which enhances the open source CoprHD project with service, support, training, and more to help organizations quickly adopt SDS automation. The commercial product also offers enterprise grade security, ease of deployment, enhanced serviceability, and the ViPR SolutionPack for reporting.

For more information, visit the ViPR Community and ViPR Enablement Center.

ScaleIO.next: Store Data in a Software-Defined, Enterprise-Ready Way

EMC takes ScaleIO to the next level with ScaleIO.next. This next version of ScaleIO will provide new features that meet and exceed the needs of customers. Along with the ability to scale to thousands of nodes with linear performance and flexibility, customers will get expanded protection, security, interoperability, and enterprise features like QoS and thin provisioning. These features allow you to reach a broader, enterprise-level customer base.

Becoming enabled to sell ScaleIO is also easier than ever with the ScaleIO enablement center and a new ScaleIO Community where you can access product information, get questions answered from product experts, discuss ScaleIO-related topics, and receive information on new developments.

And make sure to take advantage of a free and frictionless ScaleIO software download available May 29th! The download is for non-production use with no time limit and no capacity limit.

EMC ECS Software v1.2 for ECS Appliance

On May 15th ECS Software v1.2 for EMC’s ECS Appliance will be available, bringing new features and improvements that come as a direct response to customer requests for a better user experience.

For example, the new ECS 1.2 has simplified installation and deployment, which no longer require ViPR Controller or a VMware environment. There is also a temporary site failover, which increases the availability of data in the event of a temporary site outage.

Other improvements include geo enhancements and improved high availability features, as well as better multi-site performance.  There are also improved multi-tenant features and reporting, as well as quota management.

To learn more, visit the ECS enablement center and watch the “What’s New in ECA Software v1.2” video.