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Made by and for people who work with Big Data, ClusterTalk explores how next-gen data storage touches down in real-world innovation. Hosts Scott Pinzon and Chris Adiletta, along with guest experts, also help EMC Isilon scale-out NAS users get the most performance, efficiency, and insight from their OneFS clusters.

This monthly podcast will have a file posted here on ECN along with the show notes and conversations

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TitleDescriptionLength (min)
015: Perils of PopularityChris explains how Wikipedia handles massive traffic spikes when celebrities die, then reports on “Smart Nation” initiatives. Guest Mitko Blezetsky explains how an EU car maker expanded storage capacity without expanding physical footprint. Bill Crew pulls the curtain back on the “secret” Hadoopinati. 68
014: Are We There Yet?Biochemical engineer Sasha Paegle explains how Harvard stored 700 TB of data in a single gram, then Chris reports from Virtual Reality. In Hadoop Roundup, Bill Crew explains to Scott which is more romantic: YARN, or Mesos? An engineer finds out what to do with pesky .smbdelete files. Scott celebrates retro rock tribute bands, and Chris is a person of interest.60
013: When Worlds CollideClusterTalk launches its second year! Bill Crew plays zookeeper to a Pig; Chris Adiletta wonders how much stress customers endure waiting for online video to load. We discuss two worlds: Pandora, James Cameron’s Avatar reality (and how it relies on Isilon), and EMC World. Special guest Jason Farnsworth reflects on his eight years as an Isilon user. A customer asks about retaining snapshots forever, and Chris follows up with the most elaborate Cool Command yet. Meanwhile, photos of a quilt make Scott Pinzon happy.61
012: An Animated DiscussionChris and Scott cover breakthroughs in animation studio workflows, from “the fastest animation studio in the world” to NASCAR broadcasting races in Virtual Reality. Hadoop brofessor Bill Crew sheds light on ingestion applications. Community member afowler21 raises questions about the Isilon API. Chris highlights a OneFS 8.0 command, isi cloud accounts list. In What's Making Us Happy, Scott is The Witness, so Chris runs away.57
Snapshot 001Chris and Scott try out a bite sized mid-month ClusterTalk format with Snapshot.  In a moment of coaching brilliance we discuss data within the Super Bowl then dive in to politics and internet tracking tools.  Your regularly scheduled full ClusterTalk episode will still be coming out in a couple weeks, but these topics just couldn't wait!19
011: This One Goes to 11In an episode more stuffed with material than Nigel Tufnel’s shoe store, Scott Pinzon and Chris Adiletta host news and technical tips about Big Data storage. Gobbled from the Feed: How biometric data influenced the editing of The Revenant; a one-billion-euro prototype reactor that could generate clean energy, at 100 million degrees Centigrade. OneFS NEXT: SMB3 continuous availability; Varun Chhabra on why Isilon users might want Elastic Cloud Storage. Hidden Gems: Katie Johnson explains how you can troubleshoot just like Isilon support engineers. 70
010: Holiday LightenBlinkenDecember’s episode salutes the holidays with two stories about lights that blink – sometimes as a prank; sometimes as a breakthrough source of data bandwidth. Bill Crew’s new Hadoop Roundup feature lists nine indispensable ingredients for all Hadoop administrators' "fruitcake." Chris Adiletta offers the solution to a problem with bi-directional user mapping, and highlights the non-disruptive upgrades and rollback feature coming in OneFS.NEXT. Scott Pinzon explains why happiness this month is all about the Hamiltons.54
009: Hadoop Two WaysTraditional, or NASty? Chris Adiletta and Scott Pinzon ponder the differences with guest correspondent Bill Crew. After Chris headlines 2016 Isilon products and features, this contrarian whacko considers whether NASA climate data predicts a coming mini-Ice Age; then we explain how synthetic DNA turns yeast into carpets. Hidden Gems: how Isilon users can deploy the cluster monitoring tool that Isilon Support Engineers use. You Asked for It: What are the order of operations for replacing a node? Cool Commands: commands to power down properly. In What’s Making Us Happy, Scott gives The Message, and Chris finds hope for the human race. (Dreamers gotta dream.)62
008: ClusterSpookHalloween takes over ClusterTalk as Chris and Scott examine how Big Data helps everything from retailers plotting what costumes will sell 18 months from now, to a data scientist dad optimizing his son’s trick-or-treat route. But have no fear; Isilon OneFS tips still appear, as Chris covers user questions about InsightIQ, and we carefully screen Cool Commands. In happy talk, Chris spaces out, and Scott shoots cops (and they like it). 59
007: Listener is WiseWhile Scott obsesses over podcasts that rival ClusterTalk, Chris goes layers deep into the technology behind Solid State Drive (SSD) capacity. Gobbled from the Feed covers the “important topics” of how Big Data improves both football and beer, culminating when Scott challenges Chris with a Lightning Round pop quiz covering all past episodes. Cool Commands introduces an elite “underscore” command, and the co-hosts discover happiness in a) more football, and b) Mr. Robot.59
006: Game On!Listen to find out how Episode 6 of EMC Isilon ClusterTalk, Game On!, is "improperly formatted." This time Wizard Scott and Bard Chris venture forth on a quest to understand how video games drive innovations in cloud computing. Other topics include data center consolidation in the banking industry; an interview with Isilon Engineer Daniel Chee recorded in Sao Paolo, Brazil; a cool command that actually does something; and Chris granting Scott his fondest wish. Listen closely for a rare cameo by recording engineer Silent Todd!55
005:  Woah! Stop the Buzzkill!In this episode, hosts Chris Adiletta and Scott Pinzon report on how Big Data has both made pop music more formulaic (bad!) and has found new ways to save endangered honey bee colonies (good!). Gobbled from the Feed includes an in-depth report on what Big Data tells us about wildfires and landslides, featuring guest data scientist Collette Gantenbein. The You Asked For It and Cool Commands segments combine to examine Smartfail and flexprotect. Hidden Gems features a new opportunity to influence Isilon documentation. And last, Chris and Scott get their happy on with a doorbell and a magazine. 56
004: What's That in your Genes?Reports on breakthroughs in Life Sciences feature The 100,000 Genome Project and the falling price of genomic research. Gobbled from the Feed looks at self-driving trucks, and surprising innovations from Major League Baseball in streaming games. You Asked for It: managing quotas on your cluster. Cool Commands:  by audience request, new insight into PAPI. Hidden Gems: Kirsten Gantenbein sneaks in three, each about Hadoop data storage. Summer movies make Chris happy, while Scott nerds out with top-level domains such as .sucks.67
003: George Jetson Meets the NRAClusterTalk mistakes itself for a cable drama at first, until Scott and Chris weigh in on robot cooks, robot baristas, how lunar power renders solar power so five minutes ago, and more. You Asked for It guest Tom Chapman demystifies Isilon patches. Cool Commands:  how to track hidden workflows on your cluster. Hidden Gems: Kirsten Gantenbein highlights the Isilon External Network Connectivity Guide. Chris cheers for a broken record in flyball, and Scott soars with the drones.56
002: Hal 9000 was FramedChris and Scott struggle to keep up with their new show-pacing A.I., Cortiri. Along the way, they manage to celebrate the launch of the new HD400 node; examine charities’ uses of Big Data to target donors; and puzzle over 6K video recording. Cool Commands: how to make sure a command affects your entire cluster, not merely a node. Kirsten Gantenbeing kicks off Hidden Gems with news of Isilon InfoHubs. Before the show ends, cyberpunk giants and Elite Dangerous make a cameo.43
001: Welcome to ClusterTalkIn our pilot episode, Scott Pinzon and Chris Adiletta discuss innovations in Big Data, such as putting every car on the Internet and a body cam on every cop. Also: Cool Commands for OneFS users; a cutting-edge Hadoop solution from Adobe; insights from the large, active EMC Isilon user community; and happy talk about Exploding Kittens.55