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Welcome to the Uptime Information Hub! The role of the Uptime Info Hub is to foster collaboration and help customers succeed with their Isilon OneFS implementations.


The Uptime Information Hub provides you with the opportunity to become better acquainted with Isilon engineering teams. This publication is a tool for starting conversations.


The inspiration for the Uptime Information Hub is engineers writing for other engineers. Our goal is to provide technical knowledge and an engineering perspective that delivers the practical value of keeping your environments healthy and productive.


The Uptime Info Hub reflects real-world issues that engineers experience in the field. For example, a common issue we know our customers face is how improper cluster shutdowns can lead to data loss or data unavailability, so we have highlighted best practices for safely shutting down nodes in the following article:  Reducing the risk of data loss due to an improper cluster shutdown.


This site also helps you become more familiar with Dell EMC Isilon technology. We show you what’s under the hood of Isilon products by explaining how components work from a technical point-of-view.


Ultimately, the Uptime Info Hub is about you and your needs. We want to hear about challenges you face, the technical details you value, and your every day experiences working with our technology. Send your ideas to isicontent@emc.com. We look forward to continuing the conversation.