Mission Briefing: United Universe

It is a question that has plagued Sci-fi fans for generations - who is your allegiance to…Starfleet or the Alliance?


At EMC, we believe it is possible to combine great products, services and experience to create the ultimate coalition of intergalactic technological power. On Wednesday, April 22, EMC’s Global Services and Total Customer Experience (TCE) teams are launching the first-ever dual ECN mission - United Universe. You can complete the Starfleet Mission or Alliance Fleet Missions or dare to complete both and receive the ultimate honor - the United Universe badge.


Also, each mission has a secret achievement, which you can unlock through mystery activities – so be on the lookout for clues along your journey. Don’t delay – you only have until May 15th to complete the missions!


The Prerequisites

The Starfleet and Alliance Fleet Missions are open to members of the ECN. New members will receive a one-time 100 point bonus and the Frequent Visitor badge upon registration.


The Activities

After logging in, complete the three tasks in each mission to earn the Starfleet Captain and/or the Alliance Fleet Commander badges. Your progress can be followed by viewing your Showcase on the RAMP Home page.


Join the Federation.pngJoin the Alliance.png
Captains Log.pngHello Computer.pngVulcan Logic Uniform.pngBlasters and Sabers.pngMaster Council Vote.pngFlying Formation.png

Starfleet Mission

Alliance Fleet Mission

Captain’s B(log):

Just like Star Trek predicted the technology we use today, see how EMC is using predictive analytics to ensure a positive service experience.  Post a comment on “Predicting Customer Experience” with your prediction on the next advancement in customer experience to earn this achievement.

Blasters and Sabers:
Read and comment on our blog post highlighting Customer Service’s EMC World activity and all the exciting opportunities we have to connect both in person and virtually. Doing so will earn you the Blasters and Sabers badge.

Hello Computer:
Computers are a little more interactive than they used to be.  Explore the Experience Analytics Showcase online or live at EMC World. Earn this achievement when you share a comment on what you think about this online tool or how your company is finding new ways to share data with your customers.

Master Council Vote:
The Master Council requires knowledge, experience and wisdom. Vote on a poll regarding the EMC Online Support page and earn the Master Council achievement.

Vulcan Logic:
It is only logical to enable your employees and partners with the best tools to serve the customer.  Read how EMC is leveraging cloud technology to improve the customer experience, then rate the blog to earn the Vulcan Logic achievement. Comments and feedback are definitely encouraged!

Formation Flying:
Managing a mission critical environment requires synchronization across all teams. Watch the Managing Your EMC Environment video and leave your thoughts and any feedback in the discussion thread. Doing so will earn you the Flying Formation Ship badge.

Mission Completion - Starfleet Captain: Complete all three Starfleet achievements to earn this mission completion badge.

Mission Completion - Alliance Fleet Commander: Complete all three Alliance Fleet achievements to earn this mission completion badge.

United Universe.png

United Universe: Complete both missions and you will have brought balance to the universe. There is a place for our fandoms to combine, and the United Universe badge will serve as the ultimate sign of your commitment to intergalactic collaboration.


Dammit Jim.pngSecret Plans.png

A Doctor, not a Critic: The old saying of “do more with less” looks like it will be true in the future, at least if Dr. "Bones" McCoy is any indication. Find the two hidden actions to claim this achievement.

Secret Plans: Does knowing your chances of survival are 725:1 motivate or terrify you? Find and complete two mystery activities in addition to the activities above to earn the Secret Plans Badge.

Note: Both secret achievements require performing additional actions on the other achievements in their respective mission. Secret achievements are not required for mission completion. If you discover how to earn a secret achievement, leave a hint for your fellow community members in the briefing's discussion.



The United Universe mission commences at 10 AM EST on April 22, 2015 and will continue until 5 PM EST on May 15, 2015. During that time, you will be able to earn the offered rewards.


The Rewards

Completing the Starfleet and Alliance Fleet Missions increase your status in the community and 200 bonus points per mission will be added to your overall total. You can receive an additional 100 bonus points for each Secret Achievement you achieve. Lastly, earning the United Universe badge will award you an additional 100 points. Thus, there is the opportunity to earn 700 bonus points!


You can review progress and earned rewards on the RAMP Leaderboard or your personal ECN profile.