Follow-on to So you need to create Group Maps but do not want to have to enter all the Data

So in the last document I presented a ASL script that would create HierarchicalGroup objects and then "hard" assign systems to those groups.  In this document I am adding an ASL that creates SelectiveGroups and the selectors based on the systems in the domain to allow group maps based on a naming convention.  This eliminates the tedious task of manually creating the selection criteria and groups.  In this adapter we use a well defined naming convention to create geo groups based on State, City and Neighborhood.  This customer had a really well maintained naming convention which made the creation of the groups fairly simple.  Since new States and Cities and Neighborhoods are only added very infrequently after the initial setup they could be managed manually of this script could be run on demand (whenever a system falls through to a default group) or on a regular basis.  This script is pretty specific to this customers naming convention but it would not be too difficult to adapt it to other conventions or group mechanisms.


Ray Pramuka