So you need to create Group Maps but do not want to have to enter all the Data

I had a customer go through the trouble to populate the partitions.conf file to name their partitions.  Now that they know what the partition represents they wanted to be able to view maps of the partition contents.  There is no partition map.  I have suggested that they build Group Maps.  The attached ASL script will create HierachicalGroup objects for the partitions and place the systems into the groups.  This is a very simplistic approach to the problem and each time it is run it empties the groups and then starts from scratch to add the systems to the groups.  This could be optimized if necessary to update the group contents rather than emptying and refilling.  In addition in the real world it would be good to automate the running of this script.  We could use a GA_PropertyChoiceSubscription to subscribe to changes in the property LastTopoSyncEndedAt of all of the InChargeDomain objects.  We would need someway to know that this is an IP type domain.  This subscription adapter would run the attached script.  A further optimization would be to use the ConsistsOf relationshipSet of the InChargeDomain to only update the Groups for systems that come from the domain that just completed synchronizing.


If anyone would like to pursue this further please let me know and I will be happy to work with you in my "free" time to operationalize this.


Ray Pramuka