EMC zBoost external White paper

Our zBoost White Paper can be found here.


zBoost™ is a free software-only enhancement for VMAX systems. It delivers up to a blazingly fast 60% performance improvement and up to 40% lower response time for mainframe workloads on the VMAX 40K. zBoost also can improve the response time of the VMAX 20K across a wide variety of mainframe workloads. zBoost includes full zHPF compatibility.

This enhancement is a non disruptive upgrade that delivers significant investment protection and improved performance for existing VMAX 20K and 40K customers.

For new customers, zBoost enables you to offer improved price/performance and TCO over the previous VMAX models and discuss EMC's continual investment and innovation in mainframe storage.

zBoost, deployed on a VMAX mainframe (20K or 40K), leverages some of the unique technology advances introduced in VMAX3, specifically Simultaneous Multi Threading (SMT2) with Hyperthreading, as well as the reassignment of CPU cores for the greatest leverage in processing mainframe workloads.

zBoost further demonstrates EMC's commitment to IBM compatibility by delivering full zHPF compatibility for the VMAX 40K and 20K. This includes zHPF list prefetch, bi-directional transfers, format write, and BSAM / QSAM / BPAM access methods.