VPLEX: UPS call home event ID 0x8A4861BB




Call home with event ID 0x8A4861BB containing text "The operational state of Ups is faulted : Load power high (44% > max 25%)"
Message in firmware log:

firmware.log_20100408193747:"0060481be016213854":1:<3>2010/04/08 21:06:54.46: ZPEM/443 UPS-A: SerialNo QS0704323442 /RevNo 1XE1: The operational state of Ups is faulted : Load power high (44% > max 25%). Check that only one FC switch connected to UPS.

Cluster status shows the UPS in a faulted state and the cluster in a major-failure state VPLEXcli:/> cluster status

Cluster cluster-2

operational-status: ok



health-state: major-failure

health-indications: engine-2-2 : site2_69 : UPS-A : The UPS is in a faulted state.


A medium or large configuration VPLEX system will be delivered from manufacturing with the management server power cable connected to UPS A. This causes an extra load on UPS A and is incorrectly reported as a faulted health indication for UPS A with the cluster health state flagged as "major-failure". This also causes the NDU pre-check to report an error on cluster status.



The warning and error messages are incorrect and may be ignored. Also check the following article on The operational state of UPS is faulted : Load power low for load power being low.


EMC Support Solution Number: 70042