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SW-isilon-synciq-130x130.pngWelcome to the SyncIQ Information Hub. Here you can find documents and content related to SyncIQ. EMC Isilon SyncIQ offers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-manage asynchronous replication of data for collaboration, disaster recovery, business continuance, disk-to-disk backup, and remote disk archive. Designed for big data, SyncIQ delivers highly parallel replication performance at scale. Every node in an Isilon cluster can send and receive data, and SyncIQ can take advantage of any available network bandwidth so that replication actually gets faster the larger your data store grows.


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Superna Eyeglass with SyncIQ


Superna Eyeglass is a virtual appliance that simplifies disaster recovery with Isilon clusters. The application addresses configuration replication and other disaster recovery needs.



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