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cPacket’s Traffic Monitoring Switches enable productive data center operations and efficient cloud applications by delivering distributed network visibility and response.




CVU Family

RSA Security Analytics




The cVu-400NG combines the functionality of matrix forwarding with advanced port intelligence. All the device’s ports are smart. Beyond flexible forwarding, aggregation, replication, balancing, and filtering, the smart ports extract accurate performance metrics, perform on-the-fly complete packet inspection of every bit in every packet and every flow, filter, time-stamp, and trigger proactive alerts about undesirable traffic conditions. Configurable alerts can identify spikes, bottlenecks, and applications’ misbehavior in real-time. Each smart port incorporates cPacket’s proprietary Algorithmic Fabric chip, which enables on-the-fly inspection under any traffic conditions including min size, jumbo, and random packet mixes at line-rate.  Standard capabilities like any-to-any aggregation, replication, and coherent flow balancing are combined with unique capabilities like detailed real-time reports, historical trend analysis, on-the-fly microburst detection, automatic alerts based on customizable triggers, and granular filtering based on complete packet inspection and pattern search at wire speed.

By combining the cPacket cVu-400NG with RSA Security Analytics, you empower network forensic and packet capture devices by providing customized data streams aggregated from multiple points on the production network. Advantages of such a solution include preventing data loss, collecting more relevant data per packet capture device, de-duplication for tool optimization and masking to address compliance concerns.

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