VMAX and VMAX3 SRDF Integration with Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Now GA!

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery can help you protect important applications by coordinating the replication and recovery of private clouds across sites, whether you’re protecting dozens – or hundreds of virtual machines. You can protect your applications to your own second site or a hoster’s site.


Site Recovery also integrates with storage solutions such EMC VMAX to provide site to site disaster recovery for Hyper-V environments by leveraging the SAN replication capabilities like VMAX SRDF that are natively offered by VMAX.




This document provides details on integrating SAN replication between EMC VMAX arrays with Azure Site Recovery for Hyper-V site to site disaster recovery. This integration is now Generally Available for VMAX and VMAX3 arrays.



The EMC SMI-S kit covers support for VMAX 10K, VMAX 20K, VMAX 40K systems running Enginuity 5876 or higher and VMAX  100K, VMAX 200K, VMAX 400K systems running Enginuity 5977 or higher.   In order to test with this functionality you must obtain the EMC SMI-S Provider Hotfix kit with a version of  The name of the kit executable is se80311-WINDOWS-x64.exe. You can obtain this kit by contacting your customer support representative.