EMC Redefine IT Tour - 30 European cities, 1 event truck!



The Truck is back!! Last autumn, we took EMC Forum on the road and visited 12 European cities with an event vehicle.

The feedback was very positive.. so we're coming back and to even more cities this Spring!! Consider this a mini-EMC Forum on wheels.


Why you should attend:

You are responsible for technology and need to keep abreast of all the changes and developments in the changing world of IT.

Join us in our EMC IT Redefine Tour where we will share our insights and offer advice to help you:


  • Transition smoothly into a new era of IT defined by the “third platform”
  • Embrace new technologies and turn digital disruption to your advantage
  • Take control of IT megatrends and harness their full power to transform the way you do business


If you’re ready to take the first step towards redefining IT, redefining your job role, and redefining the way your business operates, you won’t want to miss this.



Where and when you can find us:

With 30 events across 11 countries, it is easiest to refer you to the registration sites for your country. #EMCTour started on March 2 in Barcelona and will end in Luxembourg in late June.



Country (in order for appearance) Event Website with Dates and Location InfoFollow on Twitter








LuxembourgEMC Redefine IT Tour 2015 | EMC Luxembourg@EMCbelux


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Hope to see you on the road!

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Here is how we make it happen - from truck to venue.


On the road