Tech Docs - Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Use this document to find links to the most up-to-date technical collateral supporting the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud platform.


As new Enterprise Hybrid Cloud collateral is released, the links on this page will be updated to reflect the latest versions of all current technical content, while links to older solution content will be posted to the Archived Tech Docs page. Please bookmark this page in order to receive automatic notifications when content on this page is refreshed. Additionally, if you see an outdated link on this page, please post a link to the latest version in the Comments section at the bottom of this page.


DescriptionCollateral DownloadDECNDate Released
Foundation Collateral - EHC v4.1.1
Concepts and ArchitectureSolution GuideInfoMarch 2017
Foundation InfrastructureReference ArchitectureInfoMarch 2017
Infrastructure and Operations ManagementSolution GuideInfoMarch 2017
AdministrationSolution GuideInfoMarch 2017
Security ManagementSolution GuideInfoMarch 2017
Enterprise Workloads - EHC v4.1.1
Microsoft Applications Foundation SolutionSolution GuideInfoMarch 2017
Microsoft Applications Protection and AvailabilitySolution GuideInfoMarch 2017
Oracle Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)Solution GuideInfoMarch 2017
Oracle Database Availability and Data ProtectionSolution GuideInfoMarch 2017
SAP Foundation SolutionSolution GuideInfoMarch 2017
SAP Data ProtectionSolution GuideInfoMarch 2017
Supporting Collateral
Support Matrix (VxRail)EHC 4.1.1 ESSM*March 2017
Support Matrix (Vblock and VxRack)EHC 4.1.1 ESSM*March 2017

* Access to the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Simple Support Matrix document requires registration/authentication.