SourceOne Email Management Historical task fails on Microsoft Exchange 2013 mailboxes


EMC SourceOne Email Management

Microsoft Exchange 2010

Microsoft Exchange 2013


Historical archive task ran against user which is on Microsoft Exchange 2013 server fails when the EMC SourceOne Email Management service account is on Exchange 2010 server. Same is the case if the service account is on Microsoft Exchange 2013 but user's mailboxes are on Microsoft Exchange 2010 server.

Below error is reported in ExAsArchiveJBS error:


Date         : 2014/03/14
Time         : 16:34:47:565
Seq          : 9
Verbosity    : ERROR-LOGD
Process      : P2988
Thread       : T5320
Module       : CExJBMBoxTasks.cpp
Func         : CExJBMBoxTasks::MailboxLogon(1598)
Machine      : <ServerName>
Message      : Cannot log on to the provider: ExExchProvider.CoExExchProvider - <Mailbox Display Name> (<Exchange Org Name>  <Mailbox CN Address>. (0x86040809) Unknown error (0x8004011D) [ExArchiveJBC.exe, CoExExchProvider.cpp(510).CoExExchProvider::Log
JobId        : <JobID>
ActivityId   : (ActivityID>





This issue is due to changes in MAPI code implemented by Microsoft in Exchange 2013. Due to this changes service account will not be able to log into user's mailbox across the different version of exchange server.


The issue can be fixed by upgrading to EMC SourceOne Email Management 7.1.1 build 1178 or a higher release.



EMC Support Solution Number: 189081