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Welcome to xCP on the Documentum Community!


Documentum xCP is a platform for elevating the value of enterprise content with custom applications that increase end user productivity and optimize decision making. xCP fills an important need whenever there is a requirement for an application to use or process documents and other content, and particularly where the content is needed in conjunction with other data.


xCP is ideal for automating complex, information-intensive business processes. The platform’s powerful design tool is used to rapidly and cost-effectively compose modern applications to expose and exploit the full value of business information.


xCP is a key part of the Documentum product and solutions portfolio. xCP complements the rest of the portfolio by providing a powerful platform for content enabled applications – applications that integrate all the pieces in the portfolio to deliver unique solutions for our customers.


Read what the analysts have to say:

xCP ranked as "Major Player" in IDC Study of Business Process Platforms

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xCP now has its own blog on ECN, featuring contributions from xCP Product Management and other xCP experts.

Follow the blog for best practices and the latest news on xCP.  Visit the blog home page and click Follow --> Follow in Inbox to be notified of new posts.

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Start learning the most powerful development platform for content and case management applications. Easy to install with no licensing required. Learn More.


Additional Resources:

xCP 2.1 Tutorials

xCP 2.x Sample Applications



Build xCP Solutions Faster

xCelerators and Design Patterns

xCelerators and Design Patterns are valuable resources that will help you learn xCP best practices and start you on the path to quickly build your first xCP solution. The collection is growing rapidly, so come back often to see what's new.

xCP Pattern Library

xCP is designed to simplify and accelerate solution development by allowing the use of pre-built, reusable components. These components are configured and assembled according to defined patterns. The Pattern Library documents these patterns so that they can be easily used by anyone.

What is Case Management?
Case management is a pattern of work that allows organizations to automate routine tasks and aggregate multiple sources of information in a collaborative work environment for rapid decision making. This pattern appears in all industries and in most organizations. Documentum xCP allows you to rapidly compose and deploy case management applications that integrate people, processes, and information; automate structured processes; expedite unstructured case process; and foster more collaboration among case workers.

Learn more (note that registration on may be required for some of these papers):

Dynamic Case Management Solutions >>

Information Transforms Work >>

Case Management Product Evaluation Guide >>

Case Management: A Blueprint for Success >>

Case Management Automation: Facilitating Compliance >>

Increasing the Value of Your ECM Investment with Documentum xCP >>

The Case for Humans: Where BPM Falls Short >>

15 Minute Guide to Improving Knowledge Worker Productivity >>

Best Practices for Business Analysts

EDN is proud to present a series of articles detailing best practices for business analysts and designers of business processes.  These articles are written by a number of experts in Business Process Management and Case Management, and are sure to help you make your xCP projects successful.  Topics range from project selection and change management to collecting business requirements and business activity monitoring.


Learn more >>

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Practical Tips for Developers

This Community has a wealth of technical information on building, configuring, and deploying solutions using xCP. Here are links to some pre-defined searches to help you discover all this material:


Useful "How-To" Articles >>

Documentum Architecture >>


You can also search the community or browse the community tags and discussions to find additional information about technical topics.


Be sure to also check out the Documentum Support Forum.