Online ViPR CAS Cluster Testing available

Do you have a Centera integration that you would like to do functional testing against an internet online ViPR CAS cluster?  If so please email me and ask for credentials.



On the email can you please include the following


  • Your full contact details
  • ISV Company Name
  • ISV Application Name
  • Application Revision(s) that you are testing
  • How much data you will need to ingest to the cluster in your testing
  • How long do you need to test against the cluster
  • How long has your application supported the Centera CAS API


most of the questions are just to help me manage the service on-going.




A few things to be aware of:-


  1. ViPR CAS does not support the Query API yet.  You will get an error saying that you will have to handle gracefully (but you do that anyway yes?)
  2. You will still need to have port 3218 open for UDP and TCP
  3. Advanced Retention Management functionality is not yet supported although retention periods are and retention classes (if you need a retention class created include its name and value in your email).  If you try and use ARM you will get an error just as you would on a Centera cluster that is nor licensed for ARM.
  4. No MOPI