EMC Forum 2014 – Success In Numbers

Mohd Amin

Written by: Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle East, EMC Corporation

Often, the success of an event is marked simply by how many people turn up to attend. In the case of our EMC Forums worldwide, and with a special focus on the Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East (TEEAM) region, I was pleased to see that the numbers of attending delegates were greater than last year, surpassing all our expectations. I was even more pleased to observe the level of engagement at each location this year, with delegates choosing to spend their whole day, well beyond into the evening. Personally, I believe, this is a reflection of the positive feelings of our customers and partners and the value they gained from attending the Forum.

The feedback from our customers, existing or new, was tremendously encouraging because the time is clearly ripe for everyone to understand and process the concept of our flagship theme: Redefine. The transformation of the business landscape, that begins and continues through the evolution of IT, is the key driver for everyone who attends EMC Forums in different cities.

With over 7,000 delegates coming to our Forums in the TEEAM region, it was a clear reflection of the new ethic of fast-track adoption of superior, evolutionary and business-centric technology. While EMC World is EMC’s worldwide Flagship Conference, EMC Forum represents EMC’s in-country flagship Conference. It is the platform where EMC delivers the futuristic message of business and technology to the delegates. Only, let me point out that this isn’t science fiction but science fact. The conversations at the Forums were a blend of latest Technology trends and the important role these trends represent for business evolution and profitability. Delegates listened to EMC’s current and future plans including their enabling services, so they were able to redefine their business strategies around these. Whether it was in Riyadh, Dubai or even Warsaw, the talk was about the IT readiness for the future of business, which makes the future of IT an integral assumption of that business.

Our Customers Taking Center Stage…

Being a trusted veteran in the IT field, EMC has earned the trust of various organizations and has become their strategic technology partner on their transformation journey. CIOs are enthused about discussing why they’ve chosen EMC. In several sessions, I observed that most of our customers didn’t focus so much on actual IT solution-adoption. Instead, what really fired their sessions, was talking about their own businesses challenge, or a customer oriented-business initiative, and how EMC’s solutions, especially in the hybrid cloud area have boosted their businesses and profits a hundredfold, whilst enabling them to successfully deliver the service to their own customers, thus winning their loyalty.

At the Forums, customers were candid in sharing their business challenges, sales strategies and their future business vision with their peers to exchange knowledge and best practices.  An organization like Abu Dhabi Police was keen to present to the delegates in Dubai Forum how they utilize technology, including EMC’s, to deploy applications that ensures the safety of children on their journey to and from schools everyday. This session was a hit and received outstanding praise. This session was a great representation of how we work with our customers and the trust they have in EMC to empower them to achieve their objectives.

Redefine The Rules….

The question here is no longer about technology alone. Or about how it functions. The question has shifted to how IT redefines business. And most significantly, in my opinion, the greatest change is how to monetize IT. With compartmentalized and monetized modules, it’s not just an enabler to business, but a business itself. This change is monumental, bodes exponential growth, a fact revealed by global EMC Forums. I’m very excited to report that the wave of the future is actually here. We are living in the present age of business and IT as synonymous products and synergistic partners. Perhaps the most practical example of this new reality is that in many organizations, the CIOs now directly report to the COO or CEO, which reinforces the link between IT and business.

What’s Next?

The word Redefine is brilliant in its conception. It means we can never rest on our laurels. We must keep moving forward and upwards and take every opportunity to explore the business avenues in every country, through the focal lens of the four key megatrends: Mobile, Cloud, Social and Big Data. With this in mind, I would like very much to see that future EMC Forums attract far greater numbers, and more levels of participation, in terms of presentations, discussions, vLabs, demos and actually integration of IT and Business as well as the fuller representation of IT as a business. From our current lot of 11 countries, I am confident that the number of future participants will be greater and will have more exciting news with the latest trends in business and IT.